Hangout 2014 Interviews: Little Green Car

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Yo Writer: Danielle Cohen

College? Fuck that. We’re gonna be rock stars.

An Interview with Little Green Cars’ Guitarist Stevie Appleby by Danielle Cohen

Super laid-back melodies. Irish folk-rock sounds. Beautiful fuckin’ harmonies. and a sick female-male lead singing duo. That’s Little Green Cars in a nutshell.

The members of the band met each other in their high school years in Dublin and decided—you know what? Fuck it. We don’t have to go to college. Let’s just play as many shows as possible till we get signed.

22 years old now, the Little Green Cars are signed and touring internationally. And here’s why: they’re amazingly talented.

They were spotted in Dublin by David Glass, the dude responsible for signing Mumford and Sons, Childish Gambino and whose label Glassnote Records was dubbed ‘The Best Indie Label’ by Rolling Stones Magazine last year.

Check out their song John Wayne, performed at Hangout Music Festival this summer in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Little Green Cars, John Wayne:

Not gonna lie, when we interviewed Little Green Cars’ guitarist, Stevie, it was kind of awkward and the entire band seemed nervous but excited. A sign of humility, for sure. You could tell the band hadn’t gotten used to being interviewed yet, because Stevie was a no-bullshit kind of guy. He was super real, a little shy and awkwardly to-the-point.

YoMiami: So what’s Dublin like?

Stevie: Dublin’s a small place, you know. It’s fine. I stay home a lot, so it’s ok.


YoMiami: How do you like the beaches of Alabama?

Stevie: I’ve never seen so many topless men in my life. Irish people melt at anything over 15 degrees (C).


YoMiami: Shit. So what’s it like to perform your songs here in the states?

Stevie: To think that you wrote something in your bedroom and then you crossed the world and some topless dude knows the words to your song is an incredible feeling.


YoMiami: What should someone who’s never heard your music before expect when they check you out?

Stevie: Well, when we started writing the album we were 16. When we recorded it, we were 21. So we kinda used those songs. I suppose the songs have changed as we’ve changed. Now that we’ve just started writing the second album it’s kind of cool. I guess we’re just more mature and the lyrics will be, too.


YoMiami: What kind of person would like your music?

Stevie: If you’re a human. If you have feelings. I don’t know. If you get sad sometimes and then happy later.


YoMiami: Sounds like a commercial for some pill or something?

Stevie: Yeah, exactly. Except our music won’t cause you erectile dysfunction.


For more videos of Little Green Cars’ performance at this years Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama click here.

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