Art, Beats and Lyrics in Miami

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We’re a little backlogged here at Yo but our goal is to get back on schedule with our blog coverage for 2016. Here’s a little taste of our experience recently at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Gentleman Jack, Art Beats and Lyrics event at Maps Backlot:

One of the world’s largest traveling art and music tours recently returned to Miami. Presented by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Gentleman Jack, Art Beats and Lyrics combines an affinity for urban contemporary art with hip-hop, to create a truly one of a kind lifestyle experience merging the two.

The tour showcases some of today’s best upcoming artists, along with seasoned veterans in art and music under one roof. The Miami event featured visual masterpieces from the likes of Kazilla, Diana Contreras and Dubelyoo, along with live performances from Mystikal, Rich Medina and more.

It was also my first time (somehow) inside the Maps Backlot. and was pleasantly surprised at the great space. I only experienced the outdoor areas, but there was a nice feature with some stacked containers serving as a bar and more.

It was great to see some familiar faces among the selected artists, and shows that the brand is really interested in supporting the local artists in all the cities it visits with this event.

Looking forward to getting to spend more time there at the next one when they come back in 2016!

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(Photos provided by Kat Goduco/Art, Beats and Lyrics)

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