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It Takes a Village… (but sometimes you only have a few people)

Even before J Wakefield Brewery officially opened its doors in 2015 there was an aura of mysticism surrounding it. John Wakefield, head brewer, had long garnered a reputation throughout the craft beer community for his particular iterations of old faithfuls and completely new styles alike. I guess it should be no surprise then that they now...

3,900 Beers on the Wall, 3,900 Beers…

Take one down, pass it around, 3,899 bottles of beer on the wall! Better late than never, I’m taking a look back at the great experience I recently had out in Denver for the 36th annual Great American Beer Festival.

The Hoppiest Place on Earth

The excitement is almost palpable as I gear up for Denver’s Great American Beer Festival, trading in Miami’s heat and humidity for cool breezes and mountain views. This will be my second time experiencing the event and last year I enjoyed myself thoroughly on a number of levels. The beer, the people, industry insight, beer,...

Gearin’ Up for Great American Beer Festival!

Craft beer culture is practically a religion in some circles, and the good word is spreadin’ faster and faster in recent years. It used to be when you went to your local brewery, it was akin to church and you’d see the same congregants week after week (if not day to day). There’s a written...

Wakefield leads the South FL Pack at Hunahpu’s Day 2016

It was one of those mornings where you hear the theme from 2001: Space Odyssey in your head; promise, trepidation, and excitement all rolled into one emotion. Last weekend, Cigar City Brewing hosted their 7th Annual Hunahpu’s Day, and it definitely lived up to the massive amounts of hype that surrounds it.

Hunahpu’s Day on my mind

To the uninitiated, Hunahpu’s Day might sound like some kind of Hawaiian new year’s celebration or Mayan ritual. But to craft beer lovers across the country, it means only one thing: The annual release of one of Cigar City Brewing’s rarest and most delicious beers.

Art, Beats and Lyrics in Miami

We’re a little backlogged here at Yo but our goal is to get back on schedule with our blog coverage for 2016. Here’s a little taste of our experience recently at Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey and Gentleman Jack, Art Beats and Lyrics event at Maps Backlot:

Interview With Ori Kaplan of Balkan Beat Box (Hangout Music Festival ’14) Pt. 2

Yo Writer: Danielle Cohen   INTERVIEW WITH ORI KAPLAN of BALKAN BEAT BOX D: Are more people finding out about you since one of your songs got sampled on Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty to Me”? Ori: I don’t know. What do you think?   D: I don’t know. What do you think? Ori: I don’t...

Interview With Ori Kaplan of Balkan Beat Box (Hangout Music Festival ’14) Pt. 1

Yo Writer: Danielle Cohen I’m at Hangout Festival, it’s a sunny-ass day on the beach in Alabama, and I’m trying to coordinate an interview with Balkan Beat Box—but my cellphone won’t make outgoing calls because the towers are jammed… The last text I received from the band’s manager Owen was: “Come meet us at our...

Hangout 2014 Interviews: Little Green Car

Yo Writer: Danielle Cohen College? Fuck that. We’re gonna be rock stars. An Interview with Little Green Cars’ Guitarist Stevie Appleby by Danielle Cohen Super laid-back melodies. Irish folk-rock sounds. Beautiful fuckin’ harmonies. and a sick female-male lead singing duo. That’s Little Green Cars in a nutshell.